Decibel Meter Pro  v.

Ever wonder how loud a particular sound really is? Or maybe you are afraid that the noise around you will damage your hearing? Well, now you can check the sound level in your surroundings using your phone with Decibel Meter application!

Decibel Watt  v.1.2

An accurat Converter of two units Decibel Watt [dBW], and Watts.


Decibel Meter  v.

Developed by Muhammed Sefa YILMAZ Measure the environmental noise in decibels and you can save them. This app will use the phone microphone. You can show informations about your measurements.(Average Value, Maximum Value) On setting page, you can

Cyberx Decibel Meter  v.

The CDM uses the phone's microphone to measure sound levels in decibels (dB). Most of the microphones have been aligned to the human voice (300-3400Hz). So that the maximum values are hardware

Rohde & Schwarz dBCalculator  v.2.0

This application note is an extension to the application note 'dB or not dB?' and comes with a free of charge software tool. The R&S dB Calculator can be used to perform calculations related to decibel.

Bvcsoft HD Video Converter  v.3.7.7

With bvcsoft HD video converter,set targer volume decibel help you normalize audio for your any video and audio files to the same volume with high quality.when you enjoy your favorite video or musics,never again worry about varying volume.

DecibelMeter  v.

Decibel Meter is to measure environmental noise decibels (dB) and show a value for reference. With this app, you can easily measure the current level of environmental noise. It is compatible with windows phone 7.5 as well as windows phone 8.

Sound Meter  v.

This app can be used to measure the Decibel sound level at a particular location. A graph is provided to plot details and is refreshed every few minutes. A live chart line is also provided. An adjustment factor is provided for correction in case


"Tukaram" was a very dedicated decibel in Indian

Bvcsoft MP4 Video Converter  v.3.7.6

bvcsoft MP4 Video Converter is a perfect and easy-to-use MP4 video conversion and MP4 normalizer program that converts all mainstream video and audio formats to MP4,H264, XVID,DivX,HD,MOV video for playing on the many portable MP4 video players

Bvcsoft DPG to FLV Video Converter  v.3.7.6

bvcsoft DPG to FLV Video Converter is the best excellent and easy-to-use four in one conversion tool.includes:DPG to FLV Video Converter; FLV Video Converter;FLV to popular video converter;DPG video you convert and normalize any video.

Bvcsoft Pocket PC Video Converter  v.3.7.6

bvcsoft Pocket PC video converter can convert and normalize all mainstream video and audio formats to AVI, WMV, 3GP video and MP3, WMA audio for HP iPAQ,General Pocket PC,Dell player,Gphone,BlackBerry,Xbox,Palm, etc potable devices with high quality

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